Building success through
focus, clarity and action

Clients typically engage C14 Consulting Group to support them in three broad areas: generating, accelerating and expanding transactional opportunities; identifying, assessing and commercializing new, and often transformational, opportunities; and, improving the effectiveness of their investments in operations.

Generating, accelerating and expanding transactional opportunities

  • Deal-making preparation
  • Sourcing, structuring and executing transactional opportunities
  • Creating optimal deal structures: licensing, partnering, mergers and acquisitions (M&As)
  • Asset acquisition and divestiture
  • Creating venturing capabilities
  • Corporate formation and structuring
  • Valuation and corporate/asset repositioning
  • Fundraising preparation
  • Strategic advisory

Identifying, assessing and commercializing new, and often transformational, opportunities for growth

  • Assessing “game-changing” technologies
  • Targeting and penetrating new therapeutic or technology application areas
  • Targeting therapeutic adjacencies – white-space conquest
  • Determining a category’s or application’s strategic attractiveness
  • Setting commercial expectations for new technologies
  • Reinventing or establishing spin-outs

Improving effectiveness of client’s investments

  • Balancing risk, value and opportunity
  • Reclaiming sector leadership
  • Maximizing new and emerging market opportunities
  • Improving the customer portfolio
  • Increasing valuation
  • Maximizing in-market opportunities