What’s the real difference?

The life science industry is a complex, dynamic and competitive environment under constant flux. Successful business initiatives and implementation of ideal growth strategies require focused insight.

C14 Consulting Group, LLC, along with its network of industry leaders, has a proven track record of serving as trusted advisors and counselors to senior management to build successful businesses in the life science arenas. Utilizing a rigorous information-driven and best-practices approach, we provide top-tier strategic advisory. Our experience and global network enable us to provide very high-quality standards with a lean, cost-effective operation. We invest heavily in knowledge resources to provide valuable insight for our clients. We build our relationships on trust and the confidence earned through our repeated performance. As you would expect, we show accountability in everything we do.

The genius of a laser focus

By focusing on for biologics, immunnotherapeutics and regenerative medicines, and in particular, cutting edge tools and technologies, C14 Consulting Group’s expertise empowers clients to make enlightened, in-the-know business decisions. Our team of experts offers a wealth of experience in building companies in all phases of development, from start-ups to industry-leader status.