Meet the team

Ravi Kiron, PhDRavi Kiron, PhD
Managing Partner,
BioPharma Strategy Advisors
Entrepreneur in Residence,
SRI International

Dr. Ravi Kiron has 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and is well versed in all aspects of drug discovery and delivery; pre-clinical and early clinical drug development; bioinformatics and database management; mergers and acquisitions (M&A), investment due diligence; and, alliance management. In a consulting practice for the last few years, Dr. Kiron has provided business development and strategic advisory to clients in the pharma and biotech space – as well as clients in private equity and hedge fund firms – in the US/EU, India and Asia, on issues that include pipeline challenges, asset sales of discovery and development programs, IP and manufacturing plants.

Currently, Dr. Kiron consults for global biotech and pharma clients on company strategy, business development, market analysis and product development approaches. He has led multiple pharma (Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson) and client delegations to India, establishing partnerships with Indian pharma, biotech and clinical research organizations (CROs). Dr. Kiron also serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a virtual startup biotech that designs, develops, and commercializes novel proprietary polyhydroxy fullerenes to non-invasively image and destroy solid tumors with minimal damage to healthy tissue. Company goals are to fundraise, recruit the board of directors (BOD) and scientific advisory board. He also serves on some company boards and is Chairman, BOD of EPPIC and Co-Chair of the TiE SV Life Sciences.

Until recently, Dr. Kiron was the managing director for Adjuvant Global Advisors, a consulting and strategic advisory firm. Prior to Adjuvant, Dr. Kiron was the chief operating officer at LifeTech Innovations (LTI), a business development and strategic advisory consulting firm. As part of AGA and LTI, Dr. Kiron provided guidance to a number of biotech, pharma, CROs, private equity firms and hedge funds in the areas of strategy and capital acquisition. Dr. Kiron is also cofounder and Chief Business Officer of C2N Diagnostics, LLC, a company working in the central nervous system diagnostics arena.

Before LTI, Dr. Kiron was with Johnson & Johnson/ALZA Corporation, where he was responsible for drug delivery technology and research strategy planning, in- and out-licensing, M&A and intellectual property management. Dr. Kiron spent 14 years at Pfizer Global Research and Development in the departments of Strategic Alliances, Project Management and Cardiovascular Drug Discovery. While at Pfizer, he was a primary architect of many US- and non-US-based partnerships, including serving as an acquisition/integration team member for Pfizer’s purchase of Warner-Lambert, Pharmacia Corporation and other biotechs. Dr. Kiron obtained experience in exploratory drug development as the project champion at Pfizer that led to the IND filing of Tarceva®, now used for treatment of multiple malignancies. He led drug discovery research teams in cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

Prior to Pfizer, Dr. Kiron was a biochemistry and medicine faculty member at Cornell University Medical Center in New York. He holds a BSc in Chemistry and an MSc in Microbiology through colleges in Goa from Bombay University, India. He also earned a PhD in Biochemistry from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India, and an MBA from Rensselaer in Hartford, Connecticut, US.